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The most important thing to take into consideration for your kitchen renovation is who’s going to fabricate your stone countertop.

Learn why.

Stone Countertop Fabrication

If you’re looking for a house renovation or moving into a new place, you’re probably planning everything about how your kitchen will look. Of course, we all know that the kitchen is the most crucial room in the house because it’s where the whole family gathers and the magic happens. 

To guarantee your kitchen is going to look exactly how you dreamed, you should first focus on finding a countertop fabricator who’s reliable, experienced, and has his own manufacturing.

It sounds like one challenging task, right? But today, I’ll show you five reasons why you need to invest your time in finding someone with those qualities, especially who creates his own stones. 

Keep reading to learn more!

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Stone Countertop Fabrication 2

Big chain stores are usually well known for their ads and promotions, but most of the time they take much longer to deliver your project.

This happens because they don’t fabricate their stone, their process typically includes buying the stone from an outsourced company, who sends the stone ready for them, so they can deliver it to you. 

This method, of course, takes a lot of time and increases the danger of damaging your stone. 

If you pick a contract that fabricates its stones, you won’t have to worry about any of these challenges. Your stone countertop will go from the fabricator straight to your house, so the only people involved in this are going to be you and the contractor. 

It seems simple and fast, just like it is supposed to be. It’s even possible to guarantee that your project will be delivered in seven days, depending on what you’re seeking. 


A local contractor who fabricates stones usually has a showroom where you can schedule a visit, which is a good way to check with your own eyes whether you like the material they produce or not.

Also, by fabricating the countertop stones, they’ll probably guarantee you more options to choose from. Sometimes, there are colors and types that you didn’t even know about before!

Some of the contractors who create stones even work with remnants, which could be a cheaper and green option for your project if that’s what you’re looking for. You can get creative when you have the opportunity to visit the fabricator and see all the different types of stones they have!

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Stone Countertop

If you’re picking a contractor that fabricates his own stone, they probably can only meet local demands, since it’s harder to ship this type of material to other states. This means that you’ll be making your local commerce stronger.

Local brands usually are family-operated, and easier to connect with to solve your problems. So, because of the competitive prices and excellent services, you should consider going for a local contractor with their fabrication to produce your countertop! 

If you live around Massachusetts and New England, you can contact Colonial Stone, we’ll more than happy to help you get the stone countertop you’ve always dreamed about. 


It’s no secret that stone fabricators should be specialists in this topic. Because of this fact, they’ll be able to help you to choose the right material for your countertop. 

We know that the quality of the stone is important, but it isn’t the only thing that matters. You should also be helped with density and structural integrity in stone selection. 

Also, with the fabricator, you’ll know better how much stone will be needed in the installation, avoiding too much waste. Once you get over all these important details, you’ll be ready for the type of stone and every other detail, like colors and shading.

After all, you’ll have one more ally in your project to guarantee the quality you’re seeking for the coziest place in your home. 

If you want to learn more about what stone fabricators do, you can click here. 


Stone Countertop kitchen

Truth to be told: nowadays, anyone with minimum experience in countertop installation can put together a website and sell countertop stones, even if they don’t fabricate their products.

That increases the chances of you getting scammed or paying for a low-quality service—which is what we are trying to avoid here. If the contractor you’re hiring doesn’t fabricate their stones, keep the alert turned on! It’s a bad sign. 

Sometimes they even are fabricating their stones, but aren’t using the right tools and appropriate space, which damages the environment and the product delivered to you.

After reading all these tips, I’m sure you’ll be ready to find the perfect contractor that makes their stones. 

You should always remember that investing in the right company for this job will avoid future trouble for you, increasing the value of your house and the quality of your materials.

If you’re looking for a family company around Massachusetts and New England that has been fabricating and installing stone countertops for more than ten years, reach us at Colonial Stone Marble, Granite & Quartz. 

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