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Choose the perfect edge to finish your stone countertop project.


A perfect edge can do more than just keep your countertops secure, it also adds personality and beauty to your project! And that's why choosing the right edge for your countertop is so important in the process. Check out some of our options:

Two of our most popular options are waterfall and miter edges, which you can check out in person in our showroom! Find out more about them:

Waterfall edge

This edge drops vertically down the sides of the countertop, creating a continuous flow all the way down to the floor, which resembles a waterfall. It's the most spectacular edge type, especially if you choose a material with veins, as we've taken care to match the grain of the horizontal surface of the countertop with that of the vertical surface, ensuring a perfect bookmatch!
Another type of waterfall edge is when the edge of the countertop gradually drops a few inches to give the impression of waterfall water. This edge has a gentle slope of three sections, which we also call a "triple waterfall". A triple cascade edge ensures a beautiful, delicate finish.

Mitred edge

Mitred edges are an elegant choice for your kitchen or bathroom countertop edges. The mitred look has a more substantial and thicker look than many of our other options. It joins the edges of two pieces to make a precise corner, extending to 2 1/2 inches.

Our ability to match all grains of the countertop gives this edge a seamless look, looking like the stone was made especially for this space.

Other types of edges

At Colonial Stone, you will find the most diverse options to customize your project and make it unique!

Chiseled or “rocked”: This looks rough and rugged, as though you split the quartz yourself to end the edge — but in reality, it’s been finely chiseled to appear that way.

Dupont: A sophisticated appearance that has two small steps — a square one that flows into more of a waterfall look, with one long decline.

Ogee or ogee roundover: The ogee look seems as though someone took a small scoop out of a square edge, with the roundover ending the edge with a more circular shape.

Cove: Like the ogee, this looks as though a scoop has been removed from a square edge — but instead of a rounded finish, it has a square one.

Stair thread: This looks as though the edge goes out and then gently rounds back in, finishing slightly behind the top.

Get in touch today and let's choose the best edge option for your project countertops!