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Marble has been used for centuries as a valued building material, mainly for sculpture! That's why you'll often find it in ancient castles, palaces, churches, and exquisite artwork. It is not one of the hardest stones, but it can last for a lifetime with proper care.

Although it is most prized in its white form, it can also be found in blue, pink, yellow, black, and gray. Marble often has distinctive veins or stripes, and this adds to its natural beauty, as each piece of marble becomes unique!

9 benefits of a marble kitchen countertop


Natural beauty

Marble countertops are naturally beautiful: the beauty of these stones is timeless and matches all styles of kitchens - from the most modern to the most classic. Marble makes up beautiful and authentic countertops because the stones are unique, so your countertops will not look identical to anyone else's.


Affordable prices

You will be surprised and overjoyed to know that marble countertops cost less than granite, quartz, and some other materials. While costs will vary based on countertop type and thickness, marble is more affordable than you might think. Be careful when choosing the store to ensure fair prices and high product quality!


High shine

Marble captures light naturally, which means that with a high polish, your marble countertops will shine brightly and make your kitchen look bigger and brighter.


Cold to the touch

This is a unique characteristic that makes it a staple in a chef's kitchen. The cold stone surface makes it ideal for rolling out dough, as well as making other food easier to prepare.


High-temperature resistance

Marble countertops are heat resistant: they won't burn, warp or melt. In addition, they remain cool to the touch, which is very useful for opening pies or other doughs.


Allows variation in the designer

Are you looking for a countertop with more details? Marble is your best bet! Marble is soft, so it's easy to work with. This means that you can easily create countertops with fancy edges or work with more details.



As compared to quartz and granite countertops, marble requires more care. That's because it's a porous stone, which makes it more prone to stains and corrosion. But, that doesn't mean you have to put in the effort to keep your countertops looking great! To clean marble countertops, you don't need any special products, just a detergent or any other mild cleaning product and a soft cloth. Never use aggressive cleaning products such as bleach and vinegar on your countertops. Also, when spills occur, especially from wine or other strong-colored liquids, clean them up immediately to prevent stains. When you notice a stain, use hydrogen peroxide to rub it off. Remember that hydrogen peroxide can damage surfaces, so be sure to rinse well when you're done.


Easy to find

Although granite and quartz countertops are trending, they are not so easy to find. Therefore, sometimes the installation takes longer, which can increase the project’s costs. Marble, on the other hand, is easy to find. This means that when you want to install countertops in your home, you won't have to wait days or even weeks for them to be delivered.



Marble is extremely durable! Although this stone requires more maintenance than granite, that doesn't mean it isn't long-lasting. Due to its combination of strength and beauty, marble has been used as a building material for centuries, and proof of its durability is that some monuments built from it hundreds of years ago still stand!

Colonial Stone has years of experience in the manufacture and installation of marble countertops! Choosing us means having 100% satisfaction guaranteed, affordable prices, excellent workmanship, and material quality! Get in touch and check out our marble slab options!